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In Loving Memory: Heath Ledger (video to honor his life's work)

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I have been so distraught over his death this past week. This is the only way I knew how to deal with it. I poured my heart into a video remembering and honoring his life's work. I hope it does him justice. I'll miss him so much.

I have been working on this video intensely for the past week. I wanted to show Heath in some of his most memorable scenes from all of his films, scenes that moved me in some way. I picked clips that convey what a truly special actor he was. It will be obvious which scenes are my favorites. I included one of his voice overs from "The Four Feathers". It breaks my heart every time I hear it. I hope Heath's fans like it. I tried really hard to do his career as much justice as I could muster. I'm so sad that I won't be able to marvel at what the future had in store for him had he lived. I hope you appreciate his work in the video. Share it with your fellow Heath fans if you wish. I provide lots of links below for watching or downloading. More thoughts about Heath are under the cut.

Music is by Alter Bridge, "In Loving Memory". The file is 67MB,wmv. This video contains memorable clips from 12 of his movies.

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Heath was one of those rare actors who had the ability to convey dozens of emotions in a simple glance. Like most people, I took notice of him in "A Knight's Tale" but it wasn't until I saw him in "The Four Feathers" that I was truly enamored of what an amazing, gifted and superb performer he was. If you have not seen that film, run... don't walk, to the video store and rent it. You will see what I mean. As for his other films, I did not care what the subject matter was, as long as Heath was in it, I was going to see it. I even managed to include "Roar", a little known SciFi series that is hard to find. Heath, as usual, was great and carried this show. He was so young but so mature at the time of this series. His fans and family have a lot to be proud of. He was an old soul.
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